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Poetic reading in Tangier to restore hope 

Written by FDM

An array of poets including Jalila El Khlie, met on August 27, in the heart of the Kasbah of Tangier, the time of an evening calling for the “return of poetry to the people”.

Soothing, provocative and meditative poems. Initiated by the Marra movement in collaboration with the World Movement of Poetry, a poetic meeting calling for the “return of poetry to the people” has taken up residence in Tangier for a night.

A gathering of ten artists from Morocco, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Sudan around the same topic: humanity and its future. “The goal of the World Movement of Poetry is to give back its place to poetry in the daily life of people,” said Moroccan poet Khalid Raissouni.

The poetess Jalila El Khlie hailed the opportunity to share points of view and experiences with artists from here and elsewhere, highlighting, at the same time, the ” great importance of poetry to elevate the feelings and thoughts of everyone “.

For Sudanese Tarik Ettaib, ” poetry is here. You just have to spot it, like a precious stone, so that it can shine again and illuminate our lives.” An artist who has said he is optimistic about the place of poetry in a world yet deafened by wars and conflicts, believing that such encounters are necessary to ” unearth ” poetry and ” bring it back to life “. A hope also necessary for the youth.