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‘Planeta Ferrum’ by Marta de Pablos at Atelier TATA in Casablanca

 Galerie Atelier TATA  is presenting ‘Planeta Ferrum’, an exhibition that shows the work of the Seville artist Marta de Pablos from Octerber 5 to December 20.

Yesterday, Planet Ferrum was  inaugurated. It is a set of sculptures and photographs, the result of several months of research, which results in a tribute to the mining tradition of copper and iron from the Huelva basin.

The set of sculptures was created by materials such as ceramic, terracotta or stoneware mixed with iron and recycled materials from bottles, glass or marbles molded and cooked at over 1,000 degrees of temperature.

Marta de Pablos was born Seville in 1975. She has a bachelor degree of Fine Arts at the University of West of England and previously studied at the Escuela de Arte León Ortega in Huelva, where he obtained a degree in Applied Arts, in the specialty of Ceramics.