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Pierre Rabhi calls for a better planet in “Le Chant des Colibris au Maroc”

French peasant, writer and thinker of Algerian decent, Pierre Rabhi is one of the pioneers of ecological agriculture. He was present for a conference in light of “Le Chant des Colibris au Maroc” hosted by French institute of Casablanca.

He defends a mode of society more respectful of men and the earth and supports the development of agricultural practices accessible to all. His universal approach is described in his many books – including “Vers une sobriété heureuse” at Actes Sud – and he was behind the creation of several associations to share his vision and put it into practice.

Founder of the Mouvement Colibris with Cyril Dion, co-director from the film “Demain”, he calls for “the insurrection of consciences” to unite humanity’s best and stop making our paradise-like planet a hell of suffering and destruction. His lecture in light of “Le Chant des Colibris au Maroc” was an invitation to contribute to the emergence of new initiatives in favor of the happy sobriety he calls for.