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“Parcours amoureux de Salé” by historian Rita Aouad, an invitation to rediscover the Andalusian city

Written by FDM

With her latest book “Parcours amoureux de Salé” (The Love Journey of Salé), the historian Rita Aouad embarks the reader on a uncovering journey to the city of Salé. A beautiful and unique dive.

Salé, a rich city that seduced the historian Rita Aouad. The author has just published “Parcours amoureux de Salé” and invites readers to take paths of history and memory to (re) discover this wonderful city.

Capital of Atlantic Andalusia, a renowned corsair port, the city reveals its past, its refined civilization and its strong identity in the light of rich documents, often unpublished, which mark out this path, as described in a statement. In short, flipping through the “Parcours amoureux de Salé”, turns you into a wanderer holding on to the thread of the past, diving into the imaginary, to live in one of Morocco’s cities of today.

The book is also the starting point of another story: the birth of the collection launched by Editions Bouillon de culture, supported by the Académie du Royaume du Maroc. ” Because we are convinced that we never know a city better than by inscribing our footsteps in the footsteps of those who live it, each ” Love Journey ” is an invitation to travel, original, accessible and easy to read, “says publisher Rita Baddou.

And after Salé, will soon follow Agadir, Sijilmassa, Rabat, Meknes,… Indeed, Éditions Bouillon de Culture has put all its know-how to imagine this series of beautiful books in which papers, typographic characters and sense of reading alternate. Each page contains a treasure: an unpublished document, an old map, or an exceptional text.