Pannacotta with almond milk

Written by FDM

When you need a little refreshment right after a good consistent meal of Iftar, Pannacotta dessert seems to be just the right fit. Follow these easy steps provided by Amal, Miel & Safran Chef. It’s super quick and very tasty.

Ingredients (for 4 jars)

–  250 ml of liquid cream
–  250 ml of almond milk
–  2 sheets of gelatin
–  25 g of cornstarch
–  80 g of powdered sugar
–  Flaked almonds


Heat the milk and cream in a saucepan. Gently pour over the sugar and cornstarch mixture.
Return to low heat until boiling. Remove from the heat and add the gelatin leaves, softened and wrung out beforehand.
Pour into ramekins and keep cool. Decorate with golden slivered almonds to serve.