Panna cotta with wild berries

Written by FDM

A moment of sweetness with this Panna cotta with wild berries offered by the chef of the Boccaccio restaurant in Casablanca.


(For 4 people)

50cl of 35% liquid crème fraîche;

1 vanilla pod;
100g of sugar;
2 gelatin sheets;
100g of strawberries;
100g raspberries;
50g of currant;
50g of blueberry;
1 lemon.


1 / In a saucepan, mix and heat the cream and 50g of sugar;
2 / Add the vanilla pod after splitting it over its entire length and scrape the seeds to incorporate them into the cream;
3 / In a container, soften the gelatin sheets in cold water;
4 / As soon as the leaves are softened and the cream is brought to a boil, wring them out and add them to the cream, whisking them so that they dissolve;
5 / Pour the cream into glasses or verrines, allow to cool and then place for 3 hours in the refrigerator.
6 / Clean the red fruits with water carefully, then wring them out with paper towels;
7 / Reserve about 40g of red fruit;
8 / Lightly mix the red fruits and 50g of sugar, and add the lemon juice;
9 / Filter the coulis and set aside in the refrigerator;
10 / Before serving, place in each verrine, on the solidified cream, a little coulis, and some red fruits.