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“Panafricaines” to tackle African migration in a 2nd forum 

Written by Amal Asebriy

After March 8, 2017 edition in which 100 women journalists from 28 African countries initiated a dialogue without borders around the problems faced by women in the media, “Panafricaines” forum returns for the 2nd edition organized from October 26 to 27, 2018 in Casablanca.

Promoted by Radio 2M, with the support of the “Parity and Diversity Committee” of 2M Group, the second meeting of media professionals will take place over the course of two days, (October 26, 27) and is planning to welcome 200 journalists from 54 countries of the continent, having for common ambition the emergence of a strong and united Africa.

Gathered within this “Pan-African” network, the initiators’ main aim is to: mobilize african media to stimulate debates around migration, contribute to correcting the image of migrants in the public opinion, promote, in specific angle, women’s problems wether in their home or host countries, depend on “Panafricaines” network to handle migration stories properly in an ethical manner, inspire essential media organizations to efficiently and powerfully diffuse information and finally to help reinforce capacities of Panafricaines members wishing to advance an expertise in the subject of migration.

As for the program; the first day of the forum is dedicated to debates and discussions around the central theme of the event: “African migrations: A chance for the continent, a responsibility for the media”. While the second day is merely focused on establishing an action plan, one of the main purposes of the forum, set up for the running year.

As a reminder, the meeting of March 8, 2017 led to the creation of the “Pan-African Network”, and to the charter publication expressing the network’s recommendations to address the major concerns of women journalists in Africa, reinforce synergies between women journalists from the continent and fight against widespread clichés and stereotypes surrounding women’s image in the media.