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Pamela Anderson gets married for the fifth time 

Written by FDM

Pamela Anderson, ex-star of  “Malibu Alert” television series, got married for the fifth time. This time, to a film producer whom she has known for decades, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The American-Canadian actress married Jon Peters on Monday in a private ceremony in Malibu, the Hollywood Reporter wrote on its website.

“There are beautiful girls everywhere. I had a choice but, for 35 years, I only wanted Pamela,” 74-year-old Jon Peters told Hollywood Reporter. He also was married several times.

Pamela Anderson, 52, was notably married to rockers, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, and was recently in a relationship with French-Moroccan footballer Adil Rami, until a stormy separation last summer.

A hairdresser by profession, Jon Peters has lived with Barbara Streisand for a long time, which had opened the doors to Hollywood for him. He notably produced the version of “A Star Is Born” in which the singer appeared in 1976.

The producer had subsequently supervised the adaptations of Batman made by Tim Burton in the 1980s and 1990s, before introducing other superheroic adventures, with “Superman Returns”, made in 2006 by Brian Singer.