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Painter Siham Halli exhibits “Les frontières” in Figuig 

Written by FDM

The Moroccan painter and designer Siham Halli exhibits her latest creations at the art gallery Mohamed Abid Eljebri in Figuig under the title “Les frontières”. This theme inspires the work of the artist who reveals through this exhibition, running until November 10, a dimension deeply rooted in the present, memory and identity.

Siham Halli’s works question identity and memory. Her latest creations, exhibited since 19 October 2018 in Figuig, at the Mohamed Abid Eljebri gallery, are a reflection of the pictorial approach of an artist with a touch of sensitivity. The choice of the theme of borders is not fortuitous. “I lived in two border cities, Tetouan and Oujda, and I dream of a world without hate, without violence, without separation, without barbed wire,” she said.

The barbed wire, as cold and implacable, are nevertheless present in the paintings of Siham Halli. They refer to the concepts of distance, exile and departure, with all that implies in terms of separation of families, young people’s immigration to the unknown, …

A committed and sensitive artist, Siham Halli leads several socio-educational activities in the Eastern region. She has led several targeted workshops for women, children and young people, including painting workshops on school drop-out, the socio-economic integration of women in rural areas, recycling or the enhancement of cultural heritage. Never short of ideas, Siham Halli develops many innovative actions within the school where she teaches, but also for her community.

Born in Nador, Siham studied arts in Oujda before finishing her academic training at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts in Tetouan( School of fine Arts). She has to her credit a large number of exhibitions, individual or collective, everywhere in Morocco and even abroad.