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Oum soon to make a comeback

Written by FDM

Following a long absence from the artistic scene, the Moroccan singer Oum announces the release of her new album soon.

She sure has been missed. Since her hit album “Zarabi” (carpet) released in 2015, Oum had disappeared from radars … After more than four years of absence, the Moroccan singer finally makes a comeback to the scene with a new album entitled “Daba” (now).

The 41-year-old singer announced on her Instagram account that she will unveil her new project on August 30, to the delight of fans who were numerous to claim it. And for the most impatient, Oum will give a taste of her new album on June 6th with the release of the single “Daba”.

The soulful artist displays a more natural look in the album cover (unlike her previous ones), with a determined and raw expression. Stay tuned for her updates!