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Oriental minced meat Mhenchates

Written by FDM

Amal, Miel& Safran chef, is sharing with us this recipe of oriental minced meat Mhenchates. A pure delight.

(for a dozen Mhenchates)

–  1/2 kg of ground meat
–  1 small onion
–  Cinnamon
–  Mint
–  Salt
–  Pepper
–  Hot pepper
–  Fresh coriander
–  Oil
–  1 dozen small pastilla leaves (filo dough sheets)


Cut the onion into small cubes and sauté in a pan. Spice the minced meat, cook over low heat with the onion.
Remove from the heat and add the coriander and the chopped mint. Cut the pastilla leaf into strips about 6 cm wide. Place the stuffing on the bottom of the width. Form thin sausages. Roll them to form coils.
Brush a little bit of oil with over the Mhenchates and bake them in the oven (180 °C) for fifteen minutes.