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Oriental Agency and the UNESCO Maghreb Office support musical creativity in the Oriental region

Written by FDM

The UNESCO Maghreb Office and the Oriental Agency are joining forces to support creativity among young people in the music industry in the Oriental region.

The UNESCO Maghreb Office and the Oriental Agency have signed a partnership agreement for the safeguard and enhancement of intangible cultural heritage and the support of creativity among young people in the music industry from the Oriental region.
Through this agreement, the UNESCO Maghreb Office will implement a global support project for the Oriental region at the level of the Oujda-Angad prefecture, capital of the region, and of the seven provinces ( Berkane, Taourirt, Figuig, Jerada, Guercif, Nador, and Driouch) with a view to launching a process of revitalization of the culture and heritage sector, through intervention on several aspects.
The first part of the said agreement will focus on safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of the Oriental region by strengthening the capacities of local agents and communities on the concepts of the 2003 UNESCO Convention for “safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage” and its various safeguarding mechanisms while equipping them with tools and methods for the elaboration and implementation of development strategies.
The second part will concern the promotion of the music industry through the support of young artists from the region, as detailed by the UNESCO Office for the Maghreb in a press release, stressing that the Oriental region is home to a heritage and a culture of great richness and diversity,  of which preservation in the era of globalization, is a real challenge.