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OPPO held a 2-month carnival to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of OPPO Service Day

Written by FDM

Until November 23, OPPO users can enjoy a variety of services with deep discounts of up to 50%.

In order to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of OPPO Service Day and express thanks for the support and companionship of users, OPPO held a 2-month carnival from September 23rd to November 23rd, 2022.

During this event, users can enjoy 3 kinds of services with discounts of up to 50%, including screen replacement, mainboard replacement, and memory upgrades. Other spare parts and accessories also have discounts from 10-30% off.

Meanwhile, OPPO held a “Message Wall Offline Event” as well, so that users can visit the nearest service center and write down their stories with OPPO or blessings to OPPO to get exclusive gifts for free!

Moving back to October 10th, 2020, OPPO Service Day was initially launched in 8 countries/regions. After that, OPPO held a Super Service Day special event last June and officially extended its Service Day from 1 day to 3 days, that is 10-12th of each month. And October 10th, 2022, marked the 2nd anniversary of OPPO Service Day, which represents a new milestone to it. So far, OPPO users can enjoy 8 major exclusive benefits on Service Day at more than 900 service centers in 24 countries/regions all over the world.