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Opening of “My Maroc Stars” exhibition by Hassan Hajjaj

Written by FDM

L’Atelier 21 opened its door yesterday to the colorful and dynamic world of Hassan Hajjaj where he is exhibiting his recent works from December 5,  to January 13. Many personalities were present at the opening.

With “My Maroc Stars”, the visual artist has managed to create his own interpretation of the Moroccan cultural scene, bringing an array of artists, musicians,singers, designers and filmmakers  into an imaginary framework drawing its elements from the everyday Moroccan mundane lifestyle.

Hassan Hajjaj’s pictorial research is a mixture of traditional genres: photography, the urban landscape, design and the ready-made for a very colorful and slightly exotic outcome. Through this exhibition, Hajjaj asserts to Moroccan artists the right to reverse the North / South relations, and to aspire to international success,

Born in 1961, Hassan Hajjaj is one of the most famous Moroccan artists on the international scene. His works have incorporated renowned collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, United Kingdom), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (California, USA), the Kamel Lazaar Foundation (Tunisia) and the Brooklyn Museum (New York). York, United States).