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Off Timitar program hosts Musical Awakening Workshops in partnership with the Ali Zaoua Foundation

Written by FDM

As part of the Musical Awakening Workshops scheduled for the 16th edition of “Off Timitar program”, the Ali Zaoua Foundation, headed by Nabil Ayouch, hosted two workshops on July 5th: “Capacity Building Workshop” and “Being an artist workshop”.

It’s not all about concerts in the Timitar Signs and Culture festival. Indeed, seminars, debates, and workshops are also part of this cultural event that puts the city of Agadir on the map. For this 16th edition, the festival partnered with the Ali Zaoua Foundation to host a bunch of workshops in the cultural Centre les Étoiles du Souss headquarters.

The first one that took place this morning (conducted by Mehdi Nassouli), “Capacity Building Workshop” (held over two days) highlights the theoretical and practical aspects that future musicians-facilitators must master to become professional teachers of musical awakening workshops. Indeed, teachers will be able to animate not only music lessons given to students but sessions intended to introduce the musical world to children aged 7 to 11 who do not have or only have one low experience.

The second one (conducted by Brahim El Mazned & Rabeh Mezouane), “Being an artist” workshop, is aimed at emerging artists and music producers, aged 18-25. It intends to assist these musicians to help them start their careers, to give them the legal, technical and experiential elements of the trade allowing them to manage groups, manage copyrights, develop a communication strategy, and how to succeed on a tour.

There are three more workshops to come, on Saturday, July 6th, by Hassan Bouaachraoui  about DJs/VJs, Ahmed Soultane about MAO, and YoussefElkamili about
How to self-promote on platforms?.