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“O saki saki”, Nora Fatehi’s new summer hit 

Written by FDM

Nora Fatehi has come back with another hit. After the Arabic version of “Dilbar” with the Fnaire group, the Moroccan-Canadian actress and dancer signs a new item song “O saki saki”, from the movie “Balta House”.

“O saki saki” performed by Nora Fatehi has more than 90 million views on YouTube. Not surprisingly, the actress, a Moroccan-Canadian dancer and Bollywood star, has been climbing the ladder of success since her participation in the 9th season of the Bigg Boss reality TV show in India in 2015.

Nora Fatehi becomes the first artist of North African origin on Indian television and is scouted by major film productions. In short, wherever she goes, Nora Fatehi succeeds. As proof, the Arabic “Dilbar” with the Fnaire group launched in late 2018 harvested no less than 85 million views on YouTube, and Indian” Dilbar”, dating from last summer, has reached 572 million views!