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Noureddine Lakhmari’s Burnout hits theaters starting October 11

“Burnout” premiered Tuesday night at the Megarama theatre in Casablanca in a widely advertised event with a red carpet celebration. Many personalities from the Moroccan cinema industry were present.

After « Casanegra » and « Zero », the director returns with a new opus of his trilogy Casablanca. « So it’s more about telling a story than it’s about giving lessons. » Said director and producer Nourredine Lakhmari in introducing the third movie of his trilogy about Casablanca.  » The challenge was to conclude the trilogy in hope, and bring redemption to a Moroccan public who need to question themselves about where they’re going ».

It is the story of unexpected encounters where people from radically different backgrounds are brought face to face, thus describing the contrasting and motley population of the large city.

Lakhmari singled out Icflix, streaming and VoD platform that provides Jazwood, Bollywood and Hollywood movies and TV series, and Aksal Group, for styling the actors in the movie, among other sponsors who helped bring the movie together in a period of 4 years.

He then went on to reveal the cast of his movie noting the participation of new faces. There is his favorite actor Anas El Baz, present in his two previous films. There is also the young Ilyas El Jihani, seen in Mohamed Mouftakir’s ‘The Orchestra of the Blind’ (2015), Morjana Alaoui (‘Marock’, ‘Rock the Casbah’), Fatima Ezzahra El Jaouhari and the « surprisingly promising » Sarah Perles, who just made her debut on the big screen.

The movie premieres in theaters on October 11th.