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Noé Elmaleh’s first steps into modeling

Written by FDM

Gad Elmaleh’s son has grown up . At 15, the young man just made his first photo shoot.

It is no secret that between Gad Elmaleh and his son, Noé, is passionate love. Since his show “l’autre c’est moi” in 2005, the comedian talks about his son, imitating his child at the airport, at the time … he was only 4 years old.

Since then Noé has grown. He is 15 years old now and a big fan of social media. On Tuesday, june 29, Noé revealed another kind of picture in his Instagram, this time a professional one. Indeed, the young man posed as a model for a shooting orchestrated by photographer Ricardo Gomes.

Shot by @ricardogomesinst 😊

Une photo publiée par @noeelmaleh le

First observation, the young Elmaleh looks more and more like his father. A few months earlier the comedian posted a photo of his young self on social media with the same kind of gaze close up. The resemblance is striking!

Quand je serai grand je ferai rire les gens. @gadelmalehteam

Une photo publiée par Gad Elmaleh (@gadelmaleh) le