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Nicki Minaj pays for fans’ college tuitions

Written by FDM

A significant type of fan service made appearance thanks to Nicki Minaj, and it’s all over Twitter!

Nicki Minaj offered to pay for some fans’ tuitions as long as they can prove they get straight A grades in college.

Being the devoted artist that she is to her fans, Nicki Minaj was originally offering a chance to her followers on Twitter to meet her but changed her mind after one fan asked for financial help.

The original competition was destined for international fans, Minaj initially offered to pay airfare for the lucky ones to come see her at the upcoming  Billboard music awards in Las Vegas, when a Tweet came from CJ asking for help with college tuition.

Minutes later, a positive response came from the artist, but with a condition:

Soon enough, other students jumped in, sending her details of their current financial situations along with pictures of their grades and school fees.

A little while after, Minaj felt she distributed enough promises and decided to sign off from the session.

Minaj might have cost herself thousands of dollars in just an hour, but  she gained vastly more in global adoration.