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Nezha Alaoui will be present at the Women Leadership Summit

Written by FDM

Moroccan photographer and Mayshad Foundation’s president Nezha Alaoui, will take part of the Women Leadership Summit (WLS). A four-hour discussion planned in New York on September 26 as a United Nations General Assembly side event.

Nezha Alaoui, President of the Mayshad Foundation, will speak on September 26 during the opening plenary at the Women Leadership Summit (WLS) hosted by the prestigious organization of Women Leaders Today in New York.

The WLS is held every year in the wake of the UN High Mass and aims to encourage women’s leadership, while sharing tools and practical knowledge to support women leaders in achieving their goals. Furthermore, we aim to create momentum by sharing

Thus, the theme of the launch day will revolve around the “Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers
“. Nezha Alaoui will share her experience as a businesswoman invested in the social and solidarity economy in Morocco, France and the United States. The Mayshad Foundation works to build the capacity of African women, especially in rural areas, and carries out social actions for the benefit of women’s cooperatives in several countries of the African continent.