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New revelations bring down the curtains on a memorial 2019  Aïcha des Gazelles Rally 

Written by FDM

Rally Aicha des Gazelles adventure has come to an end. After a night spent in the famous dunes of Chegaga, under a sky filled with stars, the Gazelles had to greet, on Saturday, March 30th, the Moroccan desert one last time …

The 6th step, which also marks the last day of a two-day marathon in these unpredictable landscapes, has come to an end. Some did not achieve all the tasks, it doesn’t matter, they still crossed the finishing line with pride. Bearing the Moroccan colors, are six teams that competed with high spirits at the biggest erg of Morocco.

Crew 147: Nice performance for Corinne Tisserand and Jamila Fruchart. For this second day of the marathon, the crew 147 took the “D” path. Corinne Tisserand and Jamila Fruchard made an almost perfect run until the sixth checkpoint where they spent their night under the stars.

Crew 191: Léa Baudier, and Alia Bouchama are the revelation of this 29th edition! Almost perfect navigation. For the first day of this marathon, Léa Baudier and Alia Bouchama started on path A, they made a perfect course until the sixth tag.

Crew 206: Bouchra Jennane and Siham El Moutea were of the most unlucky. They have started this second stage on path “F”. They validated their first beacon on course. But one kilometer down from the second stage and their vehicle stop dead. The first diagnosis: a breakdown at the gearbox. The pair decided to tow M’hamid’s vehicle towards Zagora to repair it and resume the race the next day.

Crew 210: For Lamia Sbai and Sylvie Benbrik Dutremee, harmony is in the soul! For the first day of this marathon stage, Lamia and Sylvie drove a good detour between the first and the second stage, then continued on course until the sixth checkpoint where they decided to camp with a dozen gazelles. The next day they resumed the road very early for the second-day marathon they once again gardened before arriving at the seventh beacon and then rolled across the finishing line. This very smiling and engaged pair made a very nice performance.

Crew 222: Karima Laaroussi-Mouhyi and Dounia Bennani- Mazhar had bad luck and navigation fault.  For these two days Karima and Dounia did not make a perfect trip contrary to their habit. As a reminder, the foredeck of their car’s body had flopped for no reason on a paved road. This sad event cost them a lot of penalty points.

In the Crossover category:

Crew 314: Malika Ajaha, and Hajar El Bied, A promising revelation for future editions.
On the “S” course. This young duo rolled across the finishing line leaving some of their trajectories. In the standings for the five stages, they are 6th in the SUV category with 1034.75 penalty points.

The revelations of this 29th edition can only be Léa Baudier, and Alia Bouchama (crew 191) and Malika Ajaha, and Hajar El Bied (crew 314) each in their category.