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New project in Morocco catering for migrant children

Written by FDM

A new project catering for migrant children in Morocco will see the light of day, supported by UNICEF and the European Union who announce the news in light of the National Children’s Day this May 25th. With a budget of € 2,447 million, this project will benefit all migrant children, 35% of whom are girls.

On the occasion of the National Children’s Day, celebrated on May 25, UNICEF and the European Union announce their support for the new project set up for promoting rights of migrant children in Morocco.

Throughout the period 2018 – 2020, this initiative aims to ensure better access for migrant children, including victims of trafficking, to their rights in the country, as declared by UNICEF-Morocco, in a statement, underlining that it aims to ensure that all migrant children, regardless of their legal status, have equitable access to education, health care, appropriate social and legal care and favorable temporary housing conditions.

“We are delighted to see Morocco join UNICEF’s global call for the protection of  migrant children rights and translate its commitment into action,” said Regina De Dominicis, UNICEF representative in Morocco. A child is a child and his rights know no borders”.

In the kingdom, it is estimated that 10% of the migrant population has children, 35% of whom are girls. Specifically, 2,000 migrant children, accompanied and unaccompanied, will benefit from this project, particularly in the eastern regions as well as Tangier – Tetouan – Al Hoceima.