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A new National Photography Museum opens in Rabat

Written by FDM

The National Photography Museum, the newest addition to the Moroccan Museum Foundation, was inaugurated on Tuesday, January 14, within the grounds of Fort Rottemburg “Borj El Kebir” in Rabat.

The inaugural exhibition “Sourtna”, which marks the start of the cultural year 2020, offers a selection of works by young emerging photographers, presented by the international photographer from Casablanca Yassine Alaoui Ismaili, alias “Yoriyas”.

This “carte blanche” given to the young Yassine offers him the opportunity to showcase a whole current of young urban photographers and allow them to share their vision of the challenges of Moroccan modernity, said the organizers.

While photography is emerging as a strong trend in contemporary creation, Rabat is once again a pioneer in hosting the first National Museum, which is set to emerge as one of the pioneers on the scale of the African continent.

The president of the National Museums Foundation, Mehdi Qotbi, told the press that the inauguration of the National Photography Museum aligns with the directions of HM King Mohammed VI particularly in the area of cultural democratization.

“In this place, Fort Rottembourg, full of history and near a working-class district, we make sure that culture is within the reach of every Moroccan,” he observed. Mehdi Qotbi also underlined that the duty of the Foundation is to highlight young talents, make room for young people and help give them hope.

For his part, the curator of the exhibition “Sourtna” Yassine Alaoui Ismaili highlighted the dimension of this cultural event as an experience promoting an intergenerational link. “Through this exhibition, I wanted to bring together several generations of photographers in order to create a synergistic effect, which represents a motivation for young artists,” he said in a statement to the MAP.

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