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New breath: collective exhibition by National Institute of Fine Arts graduates

Written by FDM

Inaugurated on Saturday, January 30 in Tangier, the New breath exhibition brings together the works of graduates from the National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan (INBA). Among these talents, Rahma El Houssig and Hajar El Moustaassime.

Organized in cooperation with the Gallery Kent and the Cervantes Institute, the New breath exhibition is the second edition of the “INBA Generation” project which brings together the creations of the young laureates of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan (INBA) in the arts and comics categories.

“Young designers are the future and betting on youth is not easy, but we believe in their ability to meet challenges”, as the director of Gallery Kent, Aziza Laraki, put it so well.
On the walls, works reflecting scenes of Moroccan social reality, drawing on its peculiarities and myths, produced, in the fine arts category, by Rahma El Houssig, Hajar El Moustaassime and Reda Boudina, as well as by Professor Aziz Oumoussa and the former laureates, Anass Elkho, Ahmed Khiri and Kamal Afassi in the comic book category. To discover until March 6.
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