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New book sheds light on the strengths of African design

Written by FDM

Today’s African design is under the spotlight in the book “Génération Africaine, la force du design”. Inside, we discover about fifty talented designers.

“Génération Africaine, la force du design” is the new opus of the collection “Les Routes de l’Art”. It invites us to discover fifty designers who opened the doors of their workshop, shared their universe and explained their emblematic works.

Their works display the history of their respective countries, the diversity, and richness of this continent, as reads a statement. They take inspiration from everyday objects, make them evolve, transcend them to give them the power of an art object and sometimes transform them for alternative uses. They are also distinguished by the participation of local artisans in the production of their achievements.

A unique book co-authored by two African experts, Hicham Lahlou, ambassador of African design, the flagship of Moroccan design and emblematic figure of the new generation design and Mugendi K. M’Ritha, President Emeritus / Senator of the World Design OrganizationTM and industrial designer.