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Netizens show solidarity with Oumaima, 17, following her abduction and gang-rape

Written by FDM

Last December, Oumaima, a 17-year-old teenager from Casablanca, was kidnapped and subjected to repeated rape by 20 people. On Facebook, Internet users are mobilizing on the group “Nous sommes tous Oumaima” (We are all Oumaima), as a sign of solidarity with the teenager, and for justice to be done.

On “Nous sommes tous Oumaima”, a public group which has just been created on Facebook, as a sign of solidarity with this 17-year-old girl, kidnapped and gang-raped by 20 people in Casablanca, the administrators of this page offer to pay her a visit, while she is still hospitalized at Ibn Rochd Hospital, in the city center of the economic metropolis.

Oumaima was kidnapped near her home, in the Moulay Rachid district, during the last week of December 2019, and was taken by her kidnapper to a hut, in the Chichane district, in Lahraouiyine, a southeast suburb in Casablanca. Sequestered in this place, Oumaima was subjected to repeated rapes there, for 25 days, by around twenty people. A member of this gang reportedly released her after being begged by the girl.

Following this sequestration, and these repeated rapes, Oumaima is suffering from very serious lesions. She is currently treated by the medical team which took charge of her at Ibn Rochd.

This case serves as a reminder of that of Khadija, kidnapped, raped and martyred by a group of men in 2018 in the same region. Her story had aroused a significant mobilization on social networks and a very great emotion in Moroccan society and worldwide.