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National Union of Women of Morocco offers buses to fight against school dropout

Written by FDM

On May 3 in Salé, the National Union of Women of Morocco (UNFM) awarded school buses to regional associations as part of its contribution to the fight against school drop-out.

The donation is expected to benefit 75 douars and 18 cities in the kingdom’s 12 regions, for a total of 6,000 beneficiaries, including more than 2,500 girls, said UNFM Secretary General Farida El Khamlichi at a ceremony on this occasion.

These initiatives, which come in the wake of the strategy of their generalization launched by the Union on March 8, fall within the framework of national efforts to combat school dropout, she said. They also constitute a concrete expression of the Union’s desire to promote the status of Moroccan women by guaranteeing them the best conditions for education and training so that they can become involved in the process of economic and social development.

After reviewing the efforts made in this regard, the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Said Amzazi, reported 240,000 school bus passengers this year, an increase of 57% over the past year.

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