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National release of “Razzia” by Nabil Ayouch schedueld on February 14

Written by FDM

Nabil Ayouch presented yesterday to the press, along with the cast, his latest film “Razzia”. This brief on Moroccan society, served by a very fair game of actors makes us travel between past and present.

The national press was invited Monday late in the morning to attend the screening of “Razzia”, the latest film by Nabil Ayouch which features five stories and five courses of characters in search of freedom. ” Razzia is a film that is felt by all  pores of our skin, our soul, our flesh. It appeals to lived feelings, which are hidden inside, hidden sometimes. There is one common thing between the five characters. It is this desire to live, to express that desire with a common point, a foundation, education. Abdallah, the defeated teacher, and his defeat, it is our part of humanity that is defeated. These four characters who are connected by invisible seam, are the spiritual sons and daughters of Abdallah.” Says the director.

“Razzia” gather all the themes dear to Nabil Ayouch and particularly the struggles of individual liberties. Yet, as the filmmaker stresses, ” Razzia conveys a message of hope .”

The cast includes  Maryam Touzani, first time on the screen, in the role of Salima, the Belgian actor Arieh Worthalter in the role of Joe, Amine Naji in the role of Abdallah, Abdelilah Rachid in the role of Hakim and Dounia Binebine, first time on screen also in the role of Ines.