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The National Campaign Combating Violence against Women partners with the youth for its 17th edition

Written by FDM

The Ministry of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality, and Family is organizing from November 25 to December 20, 2019, the 17th edition of the National Campaign Combating Violence against Women. This year’s campaign was under the theme: “Youth, a partner in combating violence against women and girls”.

The campaign launched on Monday aims to convey to young Moroccans a message of “non-violence” towards the opposite sex. It aspires to the emergence and development of a new form of creativity among young people, who would be strongly committed to fighting violence against women. The campaign also invites the opening of a public/community debate around the chosen theme: “Youth, a partner in the fight combating violence against women and girls”.

It should be noted that the choice of theme this year is anything but reckless. It has been based on a number of considerations that call for greater involvement of young people as a positive force capable of drastically changing the male mentality and of sustainably establishing the principles of equality, justice, and equity.

Young people, who represent 34% of the Moroccan population, are indeed able to propose new projects and new methods in order to make the general public more aware of the dangers of violence against women. In addition, the campaign aims to establish a platform for cooperation between youth organizations from different parts of the Kingdom and public actors.

In this context, the ministry chose as its slogan for this campaign: “A United Youth combating violence against women”. Digitally, more than 11.7 million young people are targeted by this campaign.

It should be noted that the launching ceremony of the activities of the campaign’s 17th edition will officially take place on Friday November 29, 2019, in Rabat, in the presence of the media, but also of all the partners of the Ministry.