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Najia Mehadji’s work retrospective (photos)

Written by FDM

The ONA Foundation is devoting a retrospective exhibition to Najia Mehadji, a Moroccan painter of international renown living and working between Essaouira and Paris.

This important event, organized by the ONA Foundation at the Villas des Arts in Rabat and Casablanca, is the first retrospective of Najia Mehadji’s work in Morocco, where the artist is present in numerous public and private collections. It follows the exhibition “Najia Mehadji, La Trace et le Souffle” held in the summer of 2018 at the Céret Museum of Modern Art where it attracted nearly 35,000 visitors.

In Casablanca, “Le Trait et la Forme” will present works inspired by architecture, cosmos,  and plants. In Rabat, “Le Flux et la Danse” will disclose works related to the energy of music, dance, and the wave. The two exhibitions will present a hundred works from various collections, as well as a film unveiling the artist in her studio and in the intimacy of the creative gesture.

The plural source from which Najia Mehadji draws, irrigated from her Western and Eastern roots, is contemplation, union of the body and the spirit, truth, commitment, passage of witness, pure expression.

Music and dance, whether Oriental or Western, inspire the artist with a pictorial language that tends towards abstraction and the universal. Sufism and the words of Rûmi “Everything is one, the wave and the pearl, the sea and the stone … The whole world slumbers in each one of us”, underline a work in homage to the silent language of the painting and its silent power.

Curator of the exhibition: Nathalie Gallissot, chief curator of the Céret Museum of Modern Art

From March 7th to May 31st, at Villa des Arts in Casablanca and at the Villa des Arts in Rabat.