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The naive art of Fatima Louardiri exposed

Written by FDM

The painter Fatima Louardiri is exposing “Reg ‘Naive Art” at Diwan M’Gallery By Sofitel in Rabat. A collection that brings together her colorful paintings with naive style, immortalizing some scenes of daily life in Morocco.

The Diwan M’Gallery By Sofitel in Rabat houses some thirty works by Fatima Louardiri, grouped under the name “Reg ‘Art Naive “. “I wanted, through my paintings, to transmit the Moroccan authenticity by reviving its customs and traditions in an artistic way,” as she told MAP.

The artist brings new life and brilliance on her paintings to many themes reflecting Moroccan authenticities such as the traditional wedding, the Moroccan caftan, or the Gnawas. A rich exhibition but also eagerly awaited since, as put forward by the curator of the exhibition, Najoua Hassouni, the painter is part of the main artists who made naïve painting known in Morocco. “She returns with a magnificent exhibition, after a decade of absence,” she said, pointing out that it is the family wealth in rural Morocco, where women occupy a central place, which is highlighted in these paintings. ” This is a magical exhibition, where Fatima wants to idealize the world, ” she finally declared.

(With MAP)