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Nadine Nassib Njeim underwent six-hour surgery due to the Beirut explosions

Written by FDM

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim, elected Miss Lebanon 2004, was one of the thousands of wounded victims hospitalized by two explosions in Beirut, on Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

‘Thank God a thousand times for giving me the strength to go down 22 floors barefoot and soaked in blood’ , wrote the actress on her Instagram page hours after news of her injuries were announced by her sister Rima Njeim.

“To everyone asking me about Nadine Nassib Njeim who wants to be reassured, I apologise that I am relaying concerning news,” she wrote. “Nadine was hurt by the blast, she underwent a long surgery that lasted six hours, but is currently better.”

Nadine confirmed the news by posting a video of her destroyed apartment, captured by a relative, and captioned with words of gratitude and relief for having survived the ordeal.

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بشكر ربي أولاً رجع خلقني وأعطاني عمر جديد الانفجار كان قريب والمنظر مش متل الحكي فعلاً يلي بيفوت عل بيت وبيشوف الدم وين ما كان وكل شي مكسر ما بيقول انه بعدنا عايشين الحمدالله الف مرة عطاني القوة انزل ٢٢ طابق حافية مغطسة بالدم تقدر خلص حالي الناس كلها مدممة جرحى قتلى سيارات مكسرة ناس عم تصرخ وتبكي وقفت سيارة قلتله دخيلك ساعدني كان ابن حلال وصلني على اول مشفى رفضوا يستقبلوني لانه كانت مكدسة بالجرحى رجع اخدني على مشفى المشرق اسعفوني وخضعت لعملية ٦ ساعات لانه نص وجهي وجسمي مدمم بس يلي شفته عل ارض صعب كتير ينوصف فعلاً وكأنه قنبلة نووية شكراً يا رب انك حميتني وحمدالله ولادي بخير وسلامة ما كانوا بالبيت بشكر الله كل لحظة ويا رب ترحم الموتى وتشفي الجرحى 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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“I thank God for giving me a second chance and offering me a new life,” she started in the accompanying text. “The explosion was too close and the view of this catastrophe is not something you can describe with words.”

“Thank God a thousand times for giving me the strength to go down 22 floors barefoot and soaked in blood. People injured, dead, broken cars, people screaming and crying.”

Njeim went on to describe her terrifying escape from the ruins, saying it was only thanks to the kindness of a stranger that she managed to reach a hospital.

“I stopped a car and I begged him to help me. He was a good man and took me to the hospital where they refused to take me in because they were packed with the injured,” she said. “Then he took me to Al Mashreq Hospital where they gave me first aid and then I underwent a six-hour operation because half of my face and body was bruised.

“But what I saw on the ground is hard to describe, as if it were a nuclear bomb. Thank you God for protecting me and my children who weren’t home. I thank God every second. May God have mercy on the fallen, may God protect the injured.”

Njeim’s apartment building was one of the numerous structures in and around the city severely damaged in the explosions.