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Nadia Larguet, Touria Souaf, Bahaa Trabelsi and More Shared Perspectives on Women at IFC meeting

Written by FDM

In this month of March dedicated to women, the French Institute of Casablanca (IFC) received Nadia Larguet, journalist, producer and author of the book “100 Femmes”; Philippe Broc, publisher and author of the book “Hommes sensibles s’abstenir” for « Rencontre du moi » – Regards croisés sur la Femme meeting.

Two books. Two tributes to women, of all condition, public or anonymous. Two ways to expose, to honor and give free rein to the feminine word.  To their table were invited Touria Souaf, TV presenter, Bahaa Trabelsi Reda-Fathmi, writer and Hicham Houdaïfa, journalist and author.

They invite to their table, Touria Souaf, media woman, writers Bahaa Trabelsi and Reda-Fathmi, and Hicham Houdaïfa, journalist and author. Through this meeting, they discussed the importance of women’s expression in all its forms as a result of their experience, their professional or artistic career, and their encounters.