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Nabil El Makhloufi’s exhibition “Présences”

Written by FDM

The painter Nabil El Makhloufi exhibits his recent works, from April 23 to June 8, 2019, at the art gallery L’Atelier 21.

“The artistic approach of Nabil El Makhloufi is characterized by a figuration that prints a very particular universe to his paintings where realism and symbolism dominate. A strange atmosphere of suspended time emerges from his works.” Said a statement from the gallery.

According to the latter, the characters that the artist creates are never inert. They always impose a presence that is both fragile and threatening. “The viewer often finds himself imagining the before and the after of the figurative scene. The narration is indeed inherent to the work of Nabil El Makhloufi but always keeps a mysterious side; each character, each scene being a window open on something else.”

Nabil El Makhloufi’s works question the place of the individual in society. The characters seem, in fact, often alone, even when they are in the middle of a crowd. They always impose their presence. A quiet, serene presence that does not try to shout that it is here to win. Hence the title of this exhibition where the plural attributed to the word presence imposes acceptances that are difficult to keep in the fabric of a speech because they participate in the mystery.

While he is very influenced by the culture of his origin, Morocco, El Makhloufi’s works also draw from the culture and the land where he’s based: Germany. The artist lives and works in Leipzig.

L’Atelier 21 Art Gallery 21, rue Abou Mahassine Arrouyani (formerly rue Boissy-d’Anglas) Casablanca 20 100