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“My week as a Muslim” British documentary met with backlash

Written by FDM

“My week as a Muslim” is the new Britain’s Channel 4 documentary to spark controversy among viewers who believed it to be “racial stereotyped”.

The documentary follows a white women, Katie Freeman, 42, who is willing to have her prejudices about British muslims overturned. She was welcomed into the house of Manchester-born Saima Alvi and her family, spending two days getting acquainted with big ideas like how they are British yet different.

Then the real controversial experience began. Aided by a team of make up artists, Katie was superficially transformed into a British-Pakistani woman, darkening her skin and giving her a new, wider nose with prosthetics, and went out undercover to experience what life was like in Manchester’s Muslim community.

While the show is said to be aimed at challenging Islamophobia at a time when hate crimes continue to rise in the UK, its sparked quite the controversy. Some were outraged at the ‘horrendous’ transformation, questioning why she had to transform into a brown person as white muslims exist, others wondered why the program was even made when real muslims can just share their stories for the world to listen.