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Museum of Arts and Traditions to be built by Leila Mezian Benjelloun in Casablanca

Written by FDM

A Museum of Arts and Traditions is set to launch in the upcoming months by Leila Mezian Benjelloun, chairwoman of the BMCE Bank Foundation and wife of Morocco’s richest businessman.

The Museum of Arts and Traditions of Morocco (MATM) will be constructed in Morocco’s economic capital of Casablanca in the coming months. According to French-language news website Telquel, an investment of MAD 79 million will be allocated to this new project which will cover an area of 1200 at the crossing of Moulay Youssef Boulevard and Roudani Boulevard and will reach to a height of 26 metres.

Also the museum is expected to showcase traditional Moroccan art such as Jewelry, rugs and paintings and will itself be “an architectural jewel,” as described by website sources.

In addition to the expected exhibition spaces, the same source affirms that the edifice will contain additional facilities including offices and bookstores. Moroccan Architect and son of former economy and finance minister Tarik Oualalou, will be in charge of the construction of this museum and has even carried out a comparative study with the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The building is expected to be complete in 2018.