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Muhammad Valsan to address “Secrets of Fasting” at the Galerie Les Tours Végétales 

Written by FDM

A wind of spirituality is blowing at the Galerie Les Tours Végétales inaugurated on May 21st. In addition to the exhibition “Spiritualities111” signed by photographer Ali Berrada, a conference dedicated to the “Secrets of Fasting” is scheduled on June 9 with Muhammad Valsan.

Galerie Les Tours Végétales is the new address of Casablanca that connects the public with artists around spirituality during this month of Ramadan. After the success of the first two conferences and the opening of “Spiritualities111” exhibition by one of the most talented photographers of Morocco, Ali Berrada, a new appointment is scheduled: a meeting with the metaphysician and specialist of symbolism in the sacred traditions, Muhammad Valsan, who will tackle on Saturday, June 9 the “Secrets of Fasting”.

Muhammad Valsân is the director of the Revue Science Sacrée and the son of Michel Valsân, aka Sheikh Mustafa ‘Abd-Al-Azîz who is the founder of the “Akbarian” studies and first great interpreter of Ibn Arabi in the West. The renowned speaker hosts numerous conferences around the world on the topics of tassawouf, science and traditional arts, as highlighted by the Gallery Plant Tours in a statement.

Muhammad Valsan is also a connoisseur of the Quranic structure and the secrets of letters and numbers. He is an renowned figure of inter-religious dialogue based on initiatory symbolism in different traditions.

Save the date on Saturday, June 9th at 9.30pm at the Galerie Les Tours Végétales.