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Moving objects by Jonathan Amar at the Venise Cadre Gallery

Written by FDM

Regarded as one of the most unique designers of his generation, Jonathan Ammar has over 35 years of passion for fine art and interior design to his credit, as well as collaborations with prestigious brands in the field. Yesterday, he presented his new exceptional collection at the Venise Cadre gallery in Casablanca.

The exhibition of Jonathan Amar presents showcased at the Galerie Venise Cadre in Casablanca under the theme “Practice of Light and Object of the Movement”, looks back on 35 years of creation and passion for objects of art and interior decoration. It also marks the evolution in his way of fusing Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Born in Rabat in 1955, of a happy hybrid between Morocco and France, Jonathan Ammar was interested in design since and early age. He honed his career with studies done in Paris in the field of decorative arts, photography, fashion and painting.

And at barely 30 years old, he was entrusted with the management of the “Bains douches “, a true institution of Parisian nights, then barely 3 years later the renovation of the Deligny pool, and in 1990, that of the famous “Palace” , Paris’s top meeting place for fashion, cinema and  headliners. The same year, he was entrusted with the renovation of ” Bains” where he succeeds Philippe Starck who had imagined the place 10 years before. The design agency he created in 1989 has quickly become a reference in the field.