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Moussem of Assilah: Nabila Maân revisits the musical heritage of Morocco and Andalusia 

Written by FDM

On on July 8 in Assilah, the Moroccan artist Nabila Maân took the audience of the 41st edition of the Cultural Moussem of Assilah in a magnificent journey to the heart of the musical heritage of Morocco and Andalusia.

It is a beautiful musical moment offered by Nabila Maân during the 41 st edition of the Assilah Cultural Moussem held until July 12 in Assilah. The singer, composer, and poet has revisited traditional music with a subtle mix of Andalusian music, Malhoun, and jazz, something to captivate the audience.

In a statement, the artist confided in particular that as a contemporary musician, she is constantly on the lookout for a new conception of traditional Moroccan music, while respecting the specificities of this heritage. A descendant of a family of Andalusian origin who settled in Fes, Nabila Abdellaoui Maân studied music and composition and learned to play the guitar. She was only 16 when she made her first song, written by her sister who later became her favorite songwriter. Today, Nabila Maân has four albums and one in preparation, as she unveiled.

(With MAP)