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Mounir Mahjoubi: The French-Moroccan in Macron’s government 

Written by FDM

French-Moroccan Mounir Mahjoubi had previously held the digital campaign for French President Emmanuel Macron. Now he’s been named the State Secretary in charge of Data.

Prime minister Edouard Philippe revealed the full list of government titles on Wednesday, May 17. Thus, the appointment of Mounir Mahjoubi was announced.

His name was so far known to the small French digital community. Now, Mounir Mahjoubi is no longer satisfied with the « entrepreneur » or « new media specialist »  titles.  He appeared everywhere, in newscasts, in the morning radio segments and, of course, on social networks.

At the age of 33, Mahjoubi joined Macron’s En Marche! campaign in January 2017 running digital communications. He did the same for  Socialist Party candidate Ségolène Royale in 2007 and François Hollande in 2012.

After working under Hollande as the head of the National Digital Council, a government technology advisory body, he jumped ship to the surprise candidate’s centrist movement.

Mahjoubi holds a master’s degree in finance & Strategy from Sciences Po Paris.  In 2010, he co-Founded a company called Equanum, a digital platform that allows farmers and artisans to sell their production in a short circuit.  Mounir Mahjoubi left the company two years later to get involved in the presidential campaign of François Hollande.