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Mouna Hachim, guest of the 1st conference “Les Bancs du savoir”

Written by FDM

The researcher and woman of letters, Mouna Hachim is the guest of honor of the first edition of the meeting “Les Bancs du savoir” (The Banks of Knowledge) initiated by the association Les Impériales. A first conference organized on February 28 and placed under the theme “Multiple identities for proofreading of history”.

To launch the first edition of its “The Banks of Knowledge” event, the Les Impériales association chose an inspiring theme, namely “Multiple identities for proofreading of history “, and an exceptional guest such as the researcher and woman of letters, Mouna Hachim. To her credit, the novel “Les Enfants de la Chaouia” (2004), the “Dictionnaire des noms de famille du Maroc” (2007) including a revised and expanded edition was published in 2012, a series of chronicles, a collaboration to the collective work “Ce qui nous sommes”, published following the Paris attacks of 2015.

Mouna Hachim also published “Chroniques insolites de notre histoire” (Maroc, des origines à 1907), classified by the distributor Sochepress as the first book sold in the category Essay, as specified in a press release, the association Les Impériales which has a mission to promote intellectual thought and enhance constructive debates through this event free and open to the public. In short, a moment of essential sharing.