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The Moudawa, family code, the essence of MRE Forum

Written by FDM

The family code, the Moudawana, will be the topic of discussion during a conference concocted on the sidelines of Moroccans living abroad lawyers’ 3rd forum on February 8-9 in Marrakech.

On the sidelines of the 3rd of the MRE ( Moroccans living abroad) lawyers forum, the Delegate Ministry for Moroccans Residing Abroad and Migration Affairs is organizing a conference around the theme “The Family Code in Light of Comparative Law and International Conventions”.

A debate initiated in partnership with the Ministry of Justice, the Superior Council of Judicial Power, the presidency of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Moroccan Bar Associations of lawyers. The goal? Evaluate the degree of application of the text abroad. “It will be dedicated to analyze the position of Moroccan justice on the effects of judgments and decisions made by authorities and jurisdictions of host countries while emphasizing the role of bilateral and multilateral conventions,” it said in a statement.

During the conference, two parts will be developed. The first on the effects of judgments and contracts concluded abroad, in the field of family law, in the light of international conventions. And the second on the protection of the child in light of international conventions. Through this constructive debate, avenues for reflection and recommendations to overcome the difficulties and constraints faced by Moroccans living abroad will be proposed. To be continued.