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Mother of 9 children kills and buries the 10th in Mohammedia

Written by FDM

It was on Sunday, January 15, when day laborers from a construction site in Mohammedia discovered the dead body of a baby that had just been born buried.

The baby was wrapped in a white cloth. The judicial police in the district of Mohammedia were alerted so they opened an investigation. In fact, according to Aujourf’hui le Maroc, the autopsy report revealed that the baby was choked before being buried. The report also suggests that the baby was born just a week before being discovered.

PJ investigators began searching for the baby’s mother. In the maternity records at the Moulay Abdellah Hospital in the City of Roses, they checked the identities and addresses of all the mothers who gave birth a child during the week before the baby is discovered.

The task was not easy. It took more than two months of hard work to identify the baby’s mother on Saturday, March 4. She is a widow, mother of nine children, three of whom are from extramarital affairs. She lives in the Al Hassania district and had given birth at the same time to an infant who was no where to be seen in her home. When questioned, she claimed to have confided it to another woman. But after intense investigations, she ended up admitting to have killed her own baby by choking before burying it.