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“Mosaïque”, Latifa Mazhar’s exhibition in Montreal

Written by FDM

Painter Latifa Mazhar unveiled her first exhibition “Mosaïque” at the Centre culturel marocain Dar Al-Maghrib in Montreal in light of the “mois de la femme marocaine d’ici et d’ailleurs” (month of the Moroccan woman here and elsewhere).

This is the first exhibition of the painter Latifa Mazhar which takes place until March 31 at the Moroccan Cultural Center Dar Al-Maghrib in Montreal. She is exhibiting twenty of her works around the theme of beauty and harmony in muted tones and a refined composition, all within an abstract style.

Latifa Mazhar, aka LAONO (LA in reference to her first name Latifa, O to her son Omar and NO to her husband Noureddine), is a self-taught artist born in Rabat who discovered a real passion for painting only at the age of 42, at a pictorial creativity workshop held in May 2015 in Laval, Quebec.

Since then, she has been painting her inner world and her emotions. On the opening of her exhibition, March 3, the artist said she was very moved to organize her first exhibition in the Moroccan Cultural Center, a pride for her, especially that it coincides with the celebration of the International Women’s Day. In her speech, she also recalled that she has never attended any academic studies in visual arts, and explained that her paintings are characterized by a diversity and a mosaic of styles that are not repeated. Each painted canvas alone is a real painting lesson, she says.