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Morocco’s Ilham Kadri to lead Solvay group, world leader in chemistry 

Written by FDM

Ilham Kadri is the new CEO of the Belgian group Solvay, world leader in chemistry.

The French-Moroccan Ilham Kadri takes the control of the group Solvay, world leader in chemistry founded in 1863. She will replace Jean-Pierre Clamadieu and officially take office on March 1, as stated in a statement by the group of which the head office is at Brussels.

Ilham Kadri “will bring a new breath to the company,” said Nicolas Boel, Chairman of the Board of Solvay. Her mastery of strategic markets, her customer-oriented spirit and her ability to build a strong vision, make of her the leader that the group needs to accelerate its transformation and unleash its potential growth.”

Solvay, with a turnover exceeding 10 billion euros, is present in about sixty countries through activities related to aeronautics, automotive, electronics, health and the oil industry. As for Ilham Kadri, she is a graduate of the “Ecole d’application des hauts polymères of Strasbourg”. She also holds a PhD in Macromolecular Physico-Chemistry and is currently the Executive Director and President of Diversey, a US company specializing in the technologies and services for hygiene she has led since 2013. She has also worked for Shell, UCB or Dow Chemicals Company and will now take up this new challenge.