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Morocco’s Hiba Fahsi wins bronze medal at Africa Swimming championships

Written by FDM

The Moroccan swimming team concluded the 13th edition of the CANA Africa Swimming and Open Water Championships in Algiers with a total of 6 medals (2 silvers and 4 bronze).

The Moroccan team won four bronze medals and two silver medals on Sunday, September 16, the final day of the competition, ranking fifth in the competition which took place at the Mohamed Boudiaf Olympic Complex in Algiers.

The Moroccan winners of silver medals were Yusuf Tibazi with a 100-meter butterfly stroke in 54:20 and Touhami Hamma with a 50 meter freestyle stroke in 36:23.

As for the winners of the bronze medals were Hiba Fahsi in 100-meter backstroke with 01:05:98m, Yusuf Tibazi in 50-meter butterfly with 24:11 , and Said Saber in 200-meter butterfly with 02:02:49.

Egypt ranked first with a total of 48 medals, South Africa came second with 40, Algeria came third with 22, Tunisia came fourth with 12, Morocco came fifth with 6 medals, and Zambia and Mauritius came sixth with two medals.

238 athletes (male and female), representing 31 countries participated in this sporting event, which is a qualifying stage for the World Championships, scheduled for next December in China.