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Morocco picked as one of the top Adventure destinations for 2016

Written by FDM

In a constant hunt for beautiful and unique vacation ideas, Huffpost Travel recently published an article about the top five adventure destinations for 2016, and Morocco made the cut.

For the adventurous travelers from around the world, Huffpost just released a list of the best destinations for 2016. And Morocco’s Fes was among the top 5, sharing the spotlight with the likes of Maasai Mara in Kenya, the Arctic, Montana, and Fiji.

Described as “the ultimate sightseeing destination”, Fes with its Fes el-Bali, the Jardin Jnan Sbil garden, and the Tower of Borj Nord was picked for its historical and cultural qualities, and the fact that any tourist is just a short bus ride away from a good old Camel excursion, in what is everyone’s favorite; the Moroccan desert.