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Morocco to ease lockdown measures on June 24

Written by FDM

The Ministries of the Interior, Health, and Trade and Industry have published a joint press release detailing the new eased lockdown measures that are scheduled to enter into force on Wednesday, June 24 at midnight.

The document explains that throughout the national territory:

– cafes and restaurants will resume on-site service, without exceeding 50% of their capacity.

-commercial activities in shopping centers, malls, boutiques, will take over under conditions to be yet specified.

– leisure and entertainment centers, sports halls, hammams, to reopen their doors without exceeding the limit of 50% of the reception capacity.

– activities linked to audiovisual production will be resumed.

-Public transportation between cities, rail or road, will resume under conditions to be specified.

– Domestic air flights will resume

With regard to Zone 1, it is now possible to:

– travel between regions of zone 1, upon presentation of the CIN.

-Go the beaches provided that social distancing is respected.

-Go to nearby outdoor sports grounds.

Likewise, domestic tourism and tourist establishments can resume their activities provided they do not exceed 50% of the reception and catering capacity.

Regarding Zone 2, the measures are as follows:

-Possibility to travel within the province or the prefecture without prior authorization.

-Moving outside the province or the prefecture requires prior authorization.

-The shops are no longer called to close at 8 p.m.

– Hairdressing and beauty salons will be able to resume their activities with 50% of the capacity.

-The outdoor parks and public spaces will be reopened.

-Individual outdoor sports activities such as walking or cycling can be practiced.

Restrictions maintained at the national level:

– Museums, cinemas, theaters, public collective swimming pools will continue to be closed,

-The ban is maintained for gatherings, wedding parties, funeral ceremonies …