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Morocco: campaign of solidarity after the death of a victim of a gang rape

Written by FDM

El Hasna was the victim of a gang rape. A few days later, her inert body was found in a well in Rabat.

“How many women must die to change the laws” This is  the campaign’s title launched by the Free Feminist Union (UFL) following the tragic death of El Hasnae. A girl who was first raped by her adopted father and then raped by a group of men with 15 other girls.

In a video entitled “”El Hasnae” , The Martyr of Rape” posted on YouTube, the members of this association tell the story of this 18-year-old girl found dead at the bottom of a well. The first time they saw El Hasnae, she was sleeping  in Rabat train Station, not knowing where to go, after she fled her house where her adoptive father abused her.

Collected by the association, she was then put into  a center where she could finish her studies. Yet a week later, the girl was found dead at the bottom of a well in her village.

Meanwhile, UFL members learned that she had been collectively raped. They sent a video explaining the circumstances of the crime. The family of the deceased and four other victims have decided to prosecute the rapists. The next hearing is scheduled for January 2, stresses the UFL. Let’s spread this video so that the laws change!

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