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Morocco 1st African guest of honor at the Beijing International Book Fair

Written by FDM

The 25th edition of the Beijing International Book Fair opened on Wednesday with the participation of Morocco as guest of honor, the first African country to have this privilege.

During this cultural meeting, which will run until August 26, the Kingdom will participate in a book exhibition that exceeds 500 titles, with a total of nearly 1,000 copies.

This documentary collection consists of a selection of Moroccan books issued from the Ministry of Culture, in addition to those of the Archives of Morocco, the Council of the Moroccan community abroad, the National Council of Human Rights , the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Oriental Agency, the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture and the Moroccan National Tourist Office, plus a fund of 300 titles for sale owned by publishing houses that have received support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The program also includes a series of academic seminars and conferences, containing a conference on translation and language policy entitled “The Road to Translation”, a conference focusing on relations between Morocco and China, and another on Moroccan culture with theme “The characteristics of Moroccan culture and literature “.

The Moroccan exhibit will also feature musical performances to showcase Morocco’s cultural heritage. Beijing hosted a reception in honor of Morocco Tuesday night. Morocco’s Ambassador to China Aziz Mekouar attended the ceremony, along with Chinese and international officials and a Moroccan delegation to the book fair.

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